Is CoinLoop free?

Yes, CoinLoop is and always will be free, with no ads. We plan to add paid features at sometime in the future but these will be worth paying for!

Why isn’t my holdings available when I login on my phone?

We are in the works of building an amazing portfolio tool but in the meantime our holdings tool’s data is stored on your browser. The full portfolio tool will be packed with new features including profit and loss, real-time exchange data and lots more!

Where do you get your data from?

We source our data from multiple data aggregators via free and paid API’s. Our aim is to give an accurate snapshot of the entire global market however we have a selector for individual exchange prices in the works. 

How does Loop A.I work?

Loop A.I. monitors exchange data, technical indicators and social listening feeds to generate intelligent signals based on a number of factors, we pick the ones we think will be most accurate manually at the moment but hope to automate this process in the future.

I’ve signed up and it's no different, why?

Currently signing up allows you to get access to our new features as soon as they are released! We plan to give our early adopter plenty of awesome stuff so make sure you sign up!